Resolution checked!

Hi readers,

Welcome to the year 2020. Hope you have listed your resolution for this year.

Are you struggling to keep the resolution for even a week? Don’t worry it’s just not your problem it’s everyone’s new year’s old problem.

You require a strong will and determination to keep up. Wait how to be determined for a longer period? Chill, I’ll tell you how. Just relax and scroll down. Cheers!!

Who said resolution to be planned for a whole year. Let’s break it down to 4 quarters. One breakthrough tip just keep 2 resolutions for a quarter so that you don’t have the pressure to do it.

  • Quarter cold – January, February, March.
  • Quarter hot – April, May, June.
  • Quarter rain – July, August, September.
  • Quarter mixed – October, November, December.

Seasons change, so the resolution has to be adjusted accordingly.

What adjustment has to be made? Let’s decipher this, one famous and common resolution everyone lists on the top, guess what GYM!!

Source: wiki commons

January is a cold wave month where rugs get more hugs. Planning gym at this month a big NO. You will end up breaking with the resolution in the first week only.

So plan an activity that you can complete in closed doors. Like reading books, cooking, music, dance, indoor games like chess, yoga, exercise, drawing, painting etcetera. If your list is in the above activities just a tick for the Quarter cold.

I think you got some idea right. Then pen down your quarter cold before the quarter hot jumble your thoughts.

Hot gets sweat, Oh GYM it is. what are you waiting for? tick it. Add or continue with older resolution.

At this time your determination has to be built strong. So that you can again tick on the gym. Sweat dripping rain then rainboots are ON. Well, quarter cold again turns ON in quarter rain.

Quarter mixed has to be unlocked and tick what you want to do, apart from routine.

Extra Cue

All-season resolutions are still on the list note it down.

  • Helping others
  • Short break with social media
  • Family time
  • New friends
  • Adventure
  • Creative
  • Say no to hate
  • Happy hugs
  • Hi and smiles and many more

Well, being social is an important task to make it every day walk. So don’t miss it.

Source: Shutterstock

Don’t let your comfort to ruin your plans just break the solace and make it happen. Daily habits keep you happy and happier every day.


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An ordinary girl with oily and pimple face.

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