The cry is for female?

Do we have any law in any country that only women can express feelings, outcry and other mental expressions to the world?

After an hour google check, I didn’t find any such laws or acts in any country.

Why is this stigma that men should not cry?

God made us right! Like male-female and others, animals, birds, environment and what not?

Apart from all physical and mental changes from male and female to birds and animals, he inserted one common thing in all living organism, that is an emotion. Then why to hold our emotions which is inhabited within ones. If the creator has not discriminated in feelings then who are we to do it?

It’s ok if man vents out emotion through crying. Don’t judge them and don’t forget when a baby is born its first emotion is crying. In spite of being a boy or girl.

We should not restrict ourself in just respecting other people, we should learn to respect others feelings too. Cheers!!


Published by Vidya S Jogada

An ordinary girl with oily and pimple face.

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