Bannerghatta and Monkey

Hi people,

Before lockdown, I visited Bannerghatta national park, Bangalore. Got a chance to meet this fellow (monkey) and was around some time with us while looking in on the park. So sharing a few pictures of it with you guys, hope you like it.

Well it’s candid
Maintain distance because it’s social distance!

Plastic is harmful (yeah!), it is banned in the park premises and authorities were strict on the rule. Somehow this fellow found one, I don’t know how?



Just marry! because you are 25!

You are a women in an edge of 25 years of marvelous experience in life.

You’ve been burden for your parents (some) since 20+ years now, its time to pass it on well “settled man”, c’mon you don’t need to have ambitious life or a choice.

You are ageing and wrinkles will hug your face anyway so, before you gets old and ugly, marry!

Before your unknown/known relatives ask about your age and advice you about marriage. just marry!

Before someone doubt your life, just marry!

Before your life gets mess and questionable because you can’t handle it, just marry! you are no capable of taking care of yourself, are you?

Because your friends are getting married, so just marry!

Because its tradition of womanhood to get married before 25, just marry! before patriarchy haunts you.

You are no worthwhile in 21st century and your legacy of dependency should pass on to next generation.

P.S: May be Not everyone is having this type of mindset but still most percent of people live on this attitude/tradition. By the way this is the reality in most of the patriarchy hallway.

Want to change all these stereotypes but wait I’m I being feminist or rude, arrogant to my parents?

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