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Moral policing and thought policing. #DoWatch

I always wondered how we get silent when it comes to moral policing and now thought policing.

The Voices we silenced will never fight for our rights. Just standing ourselves on these thoughts is just unethical for us.

It’s time to voice up our rights, even with support or not, just do it. Because later we shouldn’t regret of our choices.


Bannerghatta and Monkey

Hi people,

Before lockdown, I visited Bannerghatta national park, Bangalore. Got a chance to meet this fellow (monkey) and was around some time with us while looking in on the park. So sharing a few pictures of it with you guys, hope you like it.

Well it’s candid
Maintain distance because it’s social distance!

Plastic is harmful (yeah!), it is banned in the park premises and authorities were strict on the rule. Somehow this fellow found one, I don’t know how?



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