The cry is for female?

Do we have any law in any country that only women can express feelings, outcry and other mental expressions to the world?

After an hour google check, I didn’t find any such laws or acts in any country.

Why is this stigma that men should not cry?

God made us right! Like male-female and others, animals, birds, environment and what not?

Apart from all physical and mental changes from male and female to birds and animals, he inserted one common thing in all living organism, that is an emotion. Then why to hold our emotions which is inhabited within ones. If the creator has not discriminated in feelings then who are we to do it?

It’s ok if man vents out emotion through crying. Don’t judge them and don’t forget when a baby is born its first emotion is crying. In spite of being a boy or girl.

We should not restrict ourself in just respecting other people, we should learn to respect others feelings too. Cheers!!


Resolution checked!

Hi readers,

Welcome to the year 2020. Hope you have listed your resolution for this year.

Are you struggling to keep the resolution for even a week? Don’t worry it’s just not your problem it’s everyone’s new year’s old problem.

You require a strong will and determination to keep up. Wait how to be determined for a longer period? Chill, I’ll tell you how. Just relax and scroll down. Cheers!!

Who said resolution to be planned for a whole year. Let’s break it down to 4 quarters. One breakthrough tip just keep 2 resolutions for a quarter so that you don’t have the pressure to do it.

  • Quarter cold – January, February, March.
  • Quarter hot – April, May, June.
  • Quarter rain – July, August, September.
  • Quarter mixed – October, November, December.

Seasons change, so the resolution has to be adjusted accordingly.

What adjustment has to be made? Let’s decipher this, one famous and common resolution everyone lists on the top, guess what GYM!!

Source: wiki commons

January is a cold wave month where rugs get more hugs. Planning gym at this month a big NO. You will end up breaking with the resolution in the first week only.

So plan an activity that you can complete in closed doors. Like reading books, cooking, music, dance, indoor games like chess, yoga, exercise, drawing, painting etcetera. If your list is in the above activities just a tick for the Quarter cold.

I think you got some idea right. Then pen down your quarter cold before the quarter hot jumble your thoughts.

Hot gets sweat, Oh GYM it is. what are you waiting for? tick it. Add or continue with older resolution.

At this time your determination has to be built strong. So that you can again tick on the gym. Sweat dripping rain then rainboots are ON. Well, quarter cold again turns ON in quarter rain.

Quarter mixed has to be unlocked and tick what you want to do, apart from routine.

Extra Cue

All-season resolutions are still on the list note it down.

  • Helping others
  • Short break with social media
  • Family time
  • New friends
  • Adventure
  • Creative
  • Say no to hate
  • Happy hugs
  • Hi and smiles and many more

Well, being social is an important task to make it every day walk. So don’t miss it.

Source: Shutterstock

Don’t let your comfort to ruin your plans just break the solace and make it happen. Daily habits keep you happy and happier every day.


The Change we want…

A girl walking around the city at night.

She: Wow I didn’t see this beautiful night of lights in my whole life.

She: ok, because I was in closed doors after sunset.

She: why is this world closed for me after sunset, is the moon angry on me. What I did to him?

She: Is this city has another face at night?

She: I may not capable to handle the dark?

Well, the thoughts of hers go on without getting answers to any questions.

Is the world ready to provide atmosphere what she is asking for? Or is it still thinking to close the door for her after sunset?

Well, I live in India where recent incidents occurred which is, unfortunately, can’t imaginable but still is a reality.

Woman have been raped and buried alive by 4 men.

After this incidence, I’m sure every girl have heard one thing in common “See that’s why you should not go out from home after sunset”.

Really how long will you put her inside the closed doors? Is this way you protect her?

Oh sorry she is a girl and you only know to control her.

When these heinous incidences take place we start to give the whole world knowledge to our daughters, wives, friends, sisters, colleagues whomsoever concerned.

Why don’t we take 2 minutes to realise the root cause for this incidence is right in front of our eyes?

Are we blind? Or are we wearing a blindfold?

Oh, what the root cause? I can’t see it.

Oh people please remove the blindfold the world is still beautiful.

Why don’t we tell our sons, husband, friends, brothers, colleagues whomsoever part of this “ecosystem” that girl should be respected and for the pleasure of a few minutes we are devastating her life. Oh sorry are we still living in a patriarchy world?

Can I imagine a world where we breathe with equal rights

  • Parents educating there sons and daughters to respect all genders.
  • Schools teaching about sex education.
  • Women working in all sectors.
  • A girl child not feeling insecure in and out of her home.
  • People worshipping a female deity realise that she is present in all women.
  • Man realises that he is living on this earth because of his mother who is also a woman.
  • And finally, a woman walking around the city whenever she wants.

I am happy that I live in a country where Indra Gandhi served as prime minister, Pratibha Patil served as president of India, Sushma swaraj served as external affairs minister, Nirmala Sitharaman serving as finance minister in the political field.

I am proud that I live in a country where Kalpana chawla, Sunitha Williams who travelled around the space.

I am delighted that I live in a country where philanthropists like Mother Theresa, Sudha Narayan Murthy, Neeta Ambani are living.

I am extremely proud of the country where our daughters are shining in every sport. Hima das, PV Sindhu, PT Usha, Mary Kom and many more who are rising our nations flag high to the sky.

I am happy that women like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Manushi chiller, Madhuri Dixit, Kangana Ranaut and many more are superstars of Indian cinemas.

Well, justice has been served to the victim. The 4 men were encountered. This incident took place in Telangana. #justiceserved

No country is perfect or safe. And it’s not our fate, our change can change our country. Let’s hope for a better future.

Mind your business

Well “The face is the index of mind”, they say. Are you sure!

The quote is about the feelings we hold in mind projects on our face, it’s purely external and emotional behaviour. But the biological change on face is completely other phenomenon.

How we met?

At my twenties, I had clear almond skin tone and everything was smooth. That one thing changed my whole life in family and around. Pimple poped on my left cheek, well I got period and it showed up.

Source: Google

Disclaimer: oily skin

I was amazed at the beautiful spot which was a reddish pupil. I played with it from my happy fingers. He felt comfy on my face and started crawling around. At the beginning everything was ok 👌, We were having our moments. Everything started when it was visible to everyone.

Confusion: Is pimple a guy/girl? Well just refer it to “he”.

Our struggle

Even though it was visible for others everything went smooth. We were handling our relationship maturely by doing nothing. On this moment I was exploring the city and got to meet other people like dust, suns harmful radiations, germs and many more. My pimple got possessive and started controlling my life. Whenever I meet with others he was with me. At first, I thought he is protective and later he started to harm me. It was my stupidity I didn’t understand him early. I entered twenty-three and he had all control over me. Some people started to discuss our relationship. I got frustrated about him and decided to see a therapist (dermatologist). Few things started to come to my control and I was again in a happy mood. After a few months, he gained shown up and this time we were having a strong relationship and continuing to two years. Well, this how we met and how our relationship grew.

Why me?

Yes, I have oily skin and pimples on the face. This is a reality I’m living with. I know it’s uneasy for you to see my face and I totally understand. At starting a few people started to suggest some home remedies to get rid of pimples.

1. Turmeric and milk paste, apply for half an hour and wash with warm water. Result: turmeric hates me.

2. Apply Aloe vera overnight. Result: made my skin even oiler.

3. Touch-me-not plant leaves and milk paste. Result: F*** nothing happened.

And many more……….. Advice is free but results were expensive on me.

After constant failure, I decided to see a dermatologist. Well, this also didn’t help me in the long go. After struggling for 2 years with pimples I give up.

I think everyone has eyes? I can see them but they can’t see me. I’ll tell you why?

  • Do this you will get rid of pimples. (Freaking fake remedies, even by unknown people)
  • Hi ___, what’s on your face?
  • What is this? (Seriously)
  • How did you get these pimples?
  • No one will marry you if you have this much of pimples on face. (Ok!)
  • Once you get marry these pimples will get rid of. (How seriously how?)
  • Drink lots of water. (Unfortunately, I drink 6 litres of water every day from childhood itself)
  • Oh! sorry, I don’t want to see your face. (😷)
  • Don’t eat anything from roadside/outside. Don’t eat oily food. Hey let’s go outside to eat, it’s ok you don’t get pimple by eating once. Oh see again she ate outside and got a pimple. (By same people)

Now I’m going freaking out of mind when people comment on pimple and face, I just feel to say them “mind your business” on their face. I can’t because I’m a good girl.

Sometimes I don’t give **** importance to them. But still, I own a feelings dude. Once I broke down when my mother told me I don’t want to see your face, who will marry you?. I tried my best to control the pimples but I failed. Now I just nod when others comment?

I’m happy with how I am. Just feel relaxed everything comes to your control.

Source: Google
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