Behind the MASK

Hi folks,

Coronavirus or Covid-19 from endemic to pandemic been travelling to everywhere. The China’s Hubei province of Wuhan city first came across this virus.

On the recent reports, it spread across 155 countries. Except for Antarctica, every other country is witnessing new cases daily. After China, Japan, South Korea, Italy and south-west Asian countries are more affected. The cases have been confirmed more than hundreds and deaths are crossing double digits outside China.

The virus is shut down many public places, schools, colleges in Italy, Japan, China and South Korea. China’s growth is reducing if this continuous it might down to negative. Japan is monitoring closely over the virus as Tokyo Olympics-2020 is nearing. It may cancel the event if the spreading of the virus is not controlled.

The USA, China and other countries are coping to deal with the virus. Since the virus is new, it takes years to get the proper antidote.

China is living under a mask for 60+ days and the shortage is also rising. Being a giant country in Asia it’s dealing well with the virus as cases are curtailing day by day.

Measures to avoid Covid-19

  • Wear a mask. If it’s single-use mask replace it with a new one frequently.
  • Frequently clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.

WHO has given the instruction on how to wear a mask and dispose of it? Click here.

Don’t go with false information about Covid-19 there is no proper prescription for this right now. To get the facts right always visit WHO website Check here.

#BeSafe and do not spread the rumours.

Little Inspiration!

Hi folks,

Is Inspiration is only by a success story of someone?

Recently my mother was returning from office in a bus. In a traffic signal, she saw an old woman sitting nearby footpath, around 11 to 12 years girl gave a 10 rupees to the woman and touched her feet for blessings.

Source: Google

Even though my mother didn’t know who the girl was but she praises her for the sympathy shown towards the women.

I learnt two things by after this incident, 1. Inspiration is not by someone’s success stories, it’s even by little things around us. 2. Our little doings might be inspiration or lesson for others.

Share your inspirations in the comment section.🙂 #inspiredtobe




Hi readers,

Recently I opted for an online class for a subject and comparing with offline I was a bit uncomfortable with it. I thought maybe I’m not used to it (beginners issue). After 3 to 4 sessions my opinion didn’t change and noticed the cons of online classes.

P.S: Purely, in my opinion, I’m penning down this post.

After some session, I compared online with offline classes and noticed a few changes in the learning process.

To compare both I’m using pros and cons of online.


  • More option or choice of courses/subjects.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Access to expertise.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Documentation of class.
  • Play, pause and play, Review lectures instantly.
  • Comfy environment. You can study where ever and whenever you want.
  • If two-way interaction can clear doubts.


  • Focus and discipline are less.
  • Little or no face to face interaction. (Doubt remains forever)
  • Lack of social interaction.
  • Questioning ability drops.
  • Whatever they teach, we just learn. No evaluation.
  • Lack of accreditation and low quality. (Some online courses)

Technology gives wide opportunity to comfort level but holds some negative acts too.

Harvard University studied on effects of online courses on mental ability. According to the study the person who opts for an online class has witnessed a lack of questioning ability. He/she believes what the online tutor says. Discipline in learning is weakened, one can skip topics if he is not interested and takes an irregular break, Consistency in studies drops due to this process. Online subjects don’t retain in the memory for a longer period than in classroom teaching.

Presently from class 1 only children are exposing to online teachings if this continues for long learning this gone affect their interaction and questioning ability and the discipline in studies gradually reduces. #toomuch-is-toobad



Hi readers,

P.S: I’m sharing this bit, on the experience of my recent visit to a Bannerghatta national park in Karnataka.

What is common sense?

According to Google, natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way. (Well it’s true! And most of them have common sense in the human world)

Well, like common sense one should have a zoo-sense in national parks, safaris or zoo to nurture the animal world.

List of zoo-sense

  • Don’t tease the animals, not just because it’s a rule or warning in the zoo but animals are already irritated in a glass cage and us by teasing them makes even worse.
  • Don’t feed the animals (especially monkeys), animals are bind to survive from natural food habitat. We feed them chips, biscuits and other packed foods are not good for them, they not only lured by these foods, but they also become chaotic when they don’t get.
  • Don’t use plastic, national parks are still breathing because of green, and by using plastic-like water bottles, packed foods (throwing around!)we are waning to suffocate. P.S: dust bins are jobless, please make them busy.
  • Respect forest guards, it’s a boring job when all the excitements layoff, one has to stand and watch all-day for animals and us, not an easy task for them.

Rules are made for the disciple to act on, even the forest expects little discipline from us. By following it we can contribute to mother earth.

Glimpse of national park



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