Summer Garden

Hi guys,

Stay home and stay safe. Due to COVID-19 nature is hoping for a fresh start after the industrial revolution (more than 100 years of exploitation, nature mother finally feeling its breath).

My mom is a single parent and she works in the public sector. She is quite fond of gardening. Because of her work and me, she didn’t focus on this area for many years. When I left home for higher studies in 2017, she regained the hope of gardening.

One in front door

Now lone corridor turned into a green wave. I didn’t realise how beautiful these plants we’re until lockdown for a month. Maybe boredom opened my eyes to appreciate it😃.

Tulsi plant in Nov 2019
Tulsi plant in April 2020

From past few weeks daily routine turns to water plants. Thanks mom for growing these beautiful plants in little space🙏.

I got this plant in Bangalore and it’s now all grown up😄.

Summer is ON so hot sun. After lockdown in India, birds are showing up. I literally didn’t saw any sparrows near my house for 10 years. Now they are everywhere, feeling like a miracle. So I’m feeding them some grains and water.

Water for birds


Sliver line

As COVID-19 got the pandemic tag, the spread of the virus is faster than the Bolt. Every country is trying to suppress the virus at an earlier stage.

In this situation,  if covid a curse for human beings but it is turning boon for the environment.

Sliver line of covid on nature turns to a positive reduction in air pollution across Italy and china. Check this

Venice a city in Italy where water canals appear to be crystal clear in the absence of boat traffic in earlier March.

Wildlife is returning to the tourist-free city. Dolphins, swans, fishes and other animals are returning. Well, Italy has been quarantined since early march, this helped in the reduction of air pollution around Italy.

Every coin has two sides. I think Covid-19 is the best example now. It’s returning nature to its original structure by fining the lives of human.

#staysafe #ShortShots

A Caste of Women

This is a rough translation of a beautiful Marathi
conversation between a man and a woman.

He questioned her   “which caste do you belong to”?

She asked   back”As a woman or as a mother”?

“Ok,Ok, tell me about both”.

With full self confidence she started telling —-

“When a woman becomes mother, she is casteless”.

He was taken aback “How is it possible”?

Her answer was —

“When a mother cleans excreta of her child, she belongs to Shoodra jathi ,

As the child grows, she protects the child from external unwanted influences, she turns into a KshatrIya.

With the growth of the child her caste also changes.  She gives good values, good culture and behaviour, and becomes a Brahmin — and last but least

When the child gets good education and starts earning, the mother guides him about the value of money, savings and necessary expenditures —-

She follows Vaishya dharma,

So I hope you agree with my statement that a Stree  has no caste. She is casteless.”

Listening to this, the man was dumb struck. A bright light of respect splashed in his eyes and he felt proud for all women as mothers.


You go Gal😄

Hi folks,

Happy international women’s day. The day, where we get extra attention from everyone period.

The theme of 2020 is, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. The Generation Equality campaign is bringing together people of every gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion and country, to drive actions that will create the gender-equal world we all deserve.

UN women

It’s just not for the day we should be proud of but every day we need to put the shoes in pride path.

In the 21st century, there are some amazing products that made women’s lives better. So here is some list of those products. (which I’m aware and amazed at!)

  • Stand and Pee (Click here) The product is designed for women to stand and pee like a man. Unhygienic public toilets make women uncomfortable and using it causes infection. So this is a best solution😊.
  • Toilet seat sanitizer spray (Click here) As the name says it’s a spray you can use before using toilets. It ensures the germ-free and safe toilet experience.
  • A menstrual cup (Click here) Tried of changing pads during periods. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, menstrual cup catches and collects it. 

So these are basically hygiene products that can be used by women in day to day busy lives.

If you know any amazing innovations like this share it on the comment section.


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