Sliver line

As COVID-19 got the pandemic tag, the spread of the virus is faster than the Bolt. Every country is trying to suppress the virus at an earlier stage.

In this situation,  if covid a curse for human beings but it is turning boon for the environment.

Sliver line of covid on nature turns to a positive reduction in air pollution across Italy and china. Check this

Venice a city in Italy where water canals appear to be crystal clear in the absence of boat traffic in earlier March.

Wildlife is returning to the tourist-free city. Dolphins, swans, fishes and other animals are returning. Well, Italy has been quarantined since early march, this helped in the reduction of air pollution around Italy.

Every coin has two sides. I think Covid-19 is the best example now. It’s returning nature to its original structure by fining the lives of human.

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Published by Vidya S Jogada

An ordinary girl with oily and pimple face.

11 thoughts on “Sliver line

  1. Covid has proved that some of our activities are meaning less. This locked down period helped us to look towards ourselves and around the society

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