A Caste of Women

This is a rough translation of a beautiful Marathi
conversation between a man and a woman.

He questioned her   “which caste do you belong to”?

She asked   back”As a woman or as a mother”?

“Ok,Ok, tell me about both”.

With full self confidence she started telling —-

“When a woman becomes mother, she is casteless”.

He was taken aback “How is it possible”?

Her answer was —

“When a mother cleans excreta of her child, she belongs to Shoodra jathi ,

As the child grows, she protects the child from external unwanted influences, she turns into a KshatrIya.

With the growth of the child her caste also changes.  She gives good values, good culture and behaviour, and becomes a Brahmin — and last but least

When the child gets good education and starts earning, the mother guides him about the value of money, savings and necessary expenditures —-

She follows Vaishya dharma,

So I hope you agree with my statement that a Stree  has no caste. She is casteless.”

Listening to this, the man was dumb struck. A bright light of respect splashed in his eyes and he felt proud for all women as mothers.


Published by Vidya S Jogada

An ordinary girl with oily and pimple face.

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