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P.S: I’m sharing this bit, on the experience of my recent visit to a Bannerghatta national park in Karnataka.

What is common sense?

According to Google, natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way. (Well it’s true! And most of them have common sense in the human world)

Well, like common sense one should have a zoo-sense in national parks, safaris or zoo to nurture the animal world.

List of zoo-sense

  • Don’t tease the animals, not just because it’s a rule or warning in the zoo but animals are already irritated in a glass cage and us by teasing them makes even worse.
  • Don’t feed the animals (especially monkeys), animals are bind to survive from natural food habitat. We feed them chips, biscuits and other packed foods are not good for them, they not only lured by these foods, but they also become chaotic when they don’t get.
  • Don’t use plastic, national parks are still breathing because of green, and by using plastic-like water bottles, packed foods (throwing around!)we are waning to suffocate. P.S: dust bins are jobless, please make them busy.
  • Respect forest guards, it’s a boring job when all the excitements layoff, one has to stand and watch all-day for animals and us, not an easy task for them.

Rules are made for the disciple to act on, even the forest expects little discipline from us. By following it we can contribute to mother earth.

Glimpse of national park



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