Are we Travelling or Visiting?

Hi readers,

Nowadays millennials and post-millennials are having a crazy on a hobby called travelling. From Instagram bio to Resumes they add their hobby as travelling.

Are we really travelling? Take a moment and note a difference between travelling and visiting.

If you don’t get it, don’t worry just read till the end to find the difference.

Imagine you are planning for a vacation, spot a holiday trip, book tickets to travel (2 months before), book a lodge, plan a schedule to sightseeing, eat, photos, enjoy, make a memory and finally back to home. Upload photos to social media and hashtag #traveller #travelgram…..

Did you just travelled or visited those places. You planned months before and pre-booked everything, you just visited the places as you planned. Sometimes if you have any relatives and friends then you stay at there place. You are visitor right!

Travelling is something that you pack the bags, spot a destination and go… From one place to another, you didn’t plan to visit the places but you travelled to explore those places.

Most of us are just visitors and not travellers. So next time chose your hashtags accordingly and also correct your resumes if you are travelling or visiting. Cheers!!


Published by Vidya S Jogada

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16 thoughts on “Are we Travelling or Visiting?

  1. Really!!, 🤔before reading this I haven’t thought of “travel” meaning In this way. Your’s is a true and best way of describing it.
    Just for curiosity, have you ever travelled to somewhere🤔?


  2. It is a fall out of doing a lot of things in a short time. While not my style but I too have “visited” because that was the only way possible. Anyways, you have offered a great perspective.

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      1. We are in the habit of preparing ourselves before doing any work like study/revise before exams, list the items before shopping. In short, we make sure to organise the task before executing it. Like in visiting a place, we organise everything like pre-booking tickets, hotels/lodges just to make sure we don’t get into trouble.

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  3. Before COVID, traveling was a hit. Last Summer we went to Europe & glad we did because now we can not travel internationally. My son wanted to go to Japan this Summer but plans changed , bucket list erased with the pandemic . We are enjoying local nature road trips though & will be doing so till we have a vaccine.

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    1. Everything has an end, hope COVID too. Happy to know that you are enjoying the road trips and exploring nature around🙂. Everything going to be normal soon after the pandemic, and I’m eager to read your article on Japan trip😃

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  4. Traveling is a studying process. We collect all possible information about th destination and analyze it when we reach there


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